Toilets and changing rooms

Accessing toilets on campus

Using the changing rooms

Which toilets am I allowed to use?

Trans students are permitted to use the toilets that match their gender presentation (in other words, the way that they’re dressed). Obviously, gender presentation is subjective, and this policy doesn’t address the needs of many trans and non-binary individuals. You are allowed to use the accessible accessible toilets if you feel it is important for your comfort or safety. There are also gender-neutral toilets in Parade Bar and on the lower levels of the 2E building. You will also find gender-neutral toilets signposted in other buildings, which are accessible but open to anyone.

Your right to access these facilities is affirmed by the Equality Act 2010 (which you can read here) and the University’s Statement of Equality Objectives (available here), although to our knowledge this issue is not explicitly mentioned in any University policies. If you run into any difficulty, you should contact the University of Bath Equality and Diversity Manager.

Note that there is a general lack of women’s toilets and accessible toilets on campus. As a result, there has been difficulty in securing the adoption of more gender-neutral facilities. The LGBT+ Trans Rep is trying to ensure that all future buildings include gender-neutral toilets.

Relevant contact: Marlene Bertrand, Equality and Diversity Manager


What about showers and changing rooms?

Trans students are permitted to use changing facilities according to their gender presentation. Within the Sports Training Village, there is a dedicated gender-neutral changing room you can ask for. As for private cubicles in the building, these may not always be available, but you are generally able to ask for one except during peak hours (such as Wednesday afternoon). If there are no facilities available at the time, you can approach reception or any duty manager and they will do what they can to accommodate your needs. Ron Stewart, the current Facilities Manager, is well-informed on trans issues, so you may wish to speak to him if you have any questions.

There is no policy which specifically addresses the question of changing rooms and sports facilities. However, the Sports Department is required to adhere to the Equality Act 2010 (which you can read here) and the University’s Statement of Equality Objectives (available here), meaning that the needs of anyone who falls into a protected category are prioritized. Therefore, if you inform them of any particular requirements you have, they are obliged to work with you to reach an appropriate solution.

Relevant contact: Ron Stewart, Facilities Manager

General points about the changing rooms

For logistical reasons, most changing rooms are designated as either male or female depending on the day and time, in order to reflect the schedules of different sports teams. This means that, depending on when you attend, you may have more or less difficulty in finding space in the right changing room.

The changing rooms tend to be more crowded in the evenings, on Wednesday afternoons, and on weekends. You might find it easier or more comfortable to access the sports facilities at other times.

There is now a permanent gender neutral changing room! You may want to ask at reception to find it , but there should be no questions asked about you using it.