Useful Links

The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES ) is the UK’s leading transgender research organization. Similarly, UK Trans Info is another great resource; both of these websites contain a lot of helpful information.

University resources and policies

University Medical Centre

Student Support Services

Advice and Representation Centre

SU Equal Opportunity Policy 2013

University of Bath Statement of Equality Objectives

SU LGBT+ Society and Trans Network

Legal resources and information about changing documents

Information about changing legal documents can be found here (GIRES) or here (UK Trans Info). Information about other legal matters in general can be found here (GIRES) or here (UK Trans Info). Of particular relevance is the the Equality Act 2010, which gave legal protections to trans people for the first time.

Changing your name

Changing your driving license (Note: This webpage does not provide information about changing your gender on your driving license. No evidence is needed for a change of gender, although it may be helpful to do so in conjunction with a change of name and deed poll. You will need to contact the DVLA for more information.)

Changing your passport

Changing your birth certificate

Medical care pathways and NHS guidelines

Information about the regulations and procedures which apply to trans medical treatment can be found on the GIRES website. Click here for documents relating to trans patients, or here to read guidelines for doctors, which are also interesting. UK Trans Info also has information here. Alternatively, check out the NHS Transgender information page for information about the range of treatment options.

Sport-related policies

British Universities and Colleges Sport Transgender Policy

Sport England Transgender Policy (See the document titled “Transsexual People – Eligibility to Compete in Domestic Competition”)