What is T-Time?

T-Time is a shorter, catchier name for the University of Bath SU LGBT+ Society Trans Network. T-Time is a support and advocacy group for trans students, primarily based at the University of Bath, although some of our members are from Bath Spa University or elsewhere.

What do you mean by “trans”? Do I have to be trans to join?

We are open to all students who identify as trans, non-binary, or who feel that their gender identity may not align with their assigned sex. Additionally, we provide support for friends, partners, or family members who are seeking more information. Come to talk, or just to listen. All are welcome to attend, and we will not make any assumptions about your gender identity.

If you are not directly affected by these issues, but would like to learn more, that’s great! Please get in touch with the Trans Rep if you have questions, or for information about awareness events and ongoing campaigns.

Do you provide support to students with intersex conditions?

We would welcome any students with intersex conditions who wish to attend. At the moment, the group does not specifically focus on this, in recognition of the fact that many people with intersex conditions are uncomfortable being associated with the trans label. If you have any questions about this, or would like the group to offer more resources on this topic, please contact the Trans Rep.

History of the group and its goals

T-Time was founded in 2011 by Harper Robertson. Its aim is to provide a sense of community for trans students, who sometimes feel marginalized and face unique challenges during their time at university. In addition to regular support meetings, the group collaborates with the broader SU LGBT+ Society to run awareness campaigns on campus. We also work with the SU and University administration to ensure that all students’ needs are met, whether through policy, accommodation, or staff training.

T-Time is facilitated by the SU LGBT+ Society Trans Rep, who represents trans students through the SU LGBT+ Committee and the Equality and Diversity Network.